2009 | 5 mins |  Photography. Animation. Compositing  |  Music by Beefcake


Vergangenheit - past, Bewaltigung - mastering process of coming to terms with the past
Visual study of architectural and historical aspects of an abandoned theatre.

Time is a powerful instrument of nature: it has slowly peeled man-painted murals; penetrated velvet curtains with mold and made this theatre into a grand home for homeless creatures. Time speaks of former glories that now are just echos.



2009 | 4:35 mins | Video. News footage. Motion Graphics.


NINETY ONE is an exploration of cultural and economic evolution of early 90s in the Soviet Union, through recollection of childhood memories.



2007 | 5:50 mins | Video. Photographs. Motion Graphics.


Talia’s Dacha touches Russian phenomena of importance of “return to the soil” in the historical perspective as well as cultural.

From personal standpoint, this work deals with my own ancestry and couple of main characters whose tie it all together – the grandmother, the aunt, the dog and the cat.



2006 | 3:00 mins | Video. Archival Footage. |  Collaboration with Michelle Mumoli


Burgeoning - to grow and flourish, senesce - to grow old.

This is an experimental narrative short interweaving hand drawn animation, found home movie footage and video. This piece deals with notions of womanhood and issues of how time takes its toll on women's bodies, hearts and minds. 
Using animation and montage, we treated this short as a "combine" sequential paintings, creating multiple layers of artifice, fleeting dreams and thoughts.



2004 | 3:35 mins | Creative Direction. Cinematography.


Dedicated to Richard McDermott Miller (1922-2004)

The inspiration for this piece came to me as I was modeling for Richard McDermott Miller, the Figurative Sculptor of SoHo. Posing for hours gave me much to think about re-telling the myth of Pygmalion. I was stirred by the mysterious sculptures as they stood still and the timeless idea of maker and his creation. What might happen if the creation is no longer tied to its maker?